Owner-J. Suleiman

Jack Suleiman is proud to own and manage two first class restaurants in The Villages that cater to it's residents and guests. Both venues are Suleiman Family Restaurants, and known for fresh daily preparation of your favorite meals. Starting with fresh ingredients that are prepared by talented, and experienced Chefs, with supporting friendly and efficient service staff. Come enjoy a Jack Suleiman restaurant, it is truly a wonderful and affordable experience!

J. Suleiman Family


Chef-Kevin Robinson

Kevin has been the Executive Chef at Redsauce restaurant since the day they opened in January 2009. Since that time my focus has been in making Redsauce the premier restaurant in The Villages. Together with my team we have served well over 2,000,000 meals, and chances are I've served you at least once.  Our restaurant, our market, our catering business, all unique, all serving the quality food and beverage that has become synonymous with the Redsauce name.  Jack Suleiman, owner of Redsauce and I have been examining the prospect of opening another establishment for quite some time now, not forcing it, but waiting for the right opportunity. Jack and I finally believe we have found what we have been looking for in The Glenview Country Club.


While I have a 14 year history as a country club chef, they were a different kind of club, a different kind of member, a different set of expectations. I looked through what some of the other country clubs in the area were doing, to my surprise they all seemed to be remarkably similar. I really have no desire in giving you another club just offering the same type food choices. I want bold, I want flavor, and I want to cook what I want to eat. So I embarked on a menu journey that will offer you choices that you can't find at other clubs or restaurants. I think our menu has succeeded in capturing what I imagined, a menu that is fun to eat, fun to cook, and diversified enough to have something for everyone, I hope you agree. My team and I strive not just to be the best at what we do, but take pride in knowing we are the only ones doing what we do. Welcome to a new dining experience at The Glennview Country Club, enjoy.

Kevin Robinson

3194 Glenview Road, The Villages, FL 32162